Why Tea Is Better than Coffee?

Which is more harmful tea or coffee

Both coffee and tea are largely consumed first thing in the morning, as a breakfast drink, or during the day. Drinking several cups of coffee a day is surely not a wise thing to do, on the other hand, you can find teas suitable for any time of day. To determine which beverage is the best we need to take into account many aspects and I have combined for you 13 reasons to choose tea over coffee.

13 Reasons Why Tea is Better than Coffee

These reasons will hopefully be enough to make you shift to tea and even crave it more than coffee.

1. Caffeine amount in tea and coffee

Health issues related to drinking coffee are generally caused by caffeine. But do you know that tea also contains caffeine? Yerba mate is the tea that contains the most caffeine, around 160 mg for two regular 8-ounce cups against 200 mg for the same 8-ounce cups of coffee. The quantity of caffeine varies among the most popular teas, but to match the caffeine in a regular cup of coffee you need to drink one cup of green tea, one cup of white tea, and one cup of black tea.

2. Easily brew a quality cup of tea

To make a cup of coffee you need several utensils such as a French Press, a very fancy pour-over, or a coffeemaker. All these things must be thoroughly cleaned if you want a quality cup of coffee. You can make instant coffee, but it comes with no quality. You may drink it once or twice but then your taste buds may have enough.

On the other hand, the little teabags encapsulate the richest herbs which can make you as fresh as a daisy with just one sip. You can brew your quality cup of tea in just minutes and the taste never goes away no matter how many times you use teabags.

3. Tea is more diverse than coffee

The beans of coffee come in 41 varietals which are all mostly processed in the same way. However, the temperature and the time at which they are roasted vary. On the other hand, when we look at the varieties of tea, we get to find over 3000 varieties that are different from one another. These varieties go beyond the basic temperature variations and they are molded in such a way to provide a better taste, flavor, and peace of mind.

4. Antioxidants in tea vs coffee

Many teas are packed with antioxidants that provide a boost of energy to the system. One such tea is known as the green tea is better than coffee because it is universally used for its capacity to quickly digest the food and enhancing one’s metabolism. It is also recommended if you want to increase your running capacity. If you are a workout freak, you should for sure include green tea consumption in your routine.

5. Tea may reduce the risk of cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, green tea may help to reduce the risk of acquiring cancer because it contains polyphenols. Other than green tea, black tea can be used for the same purpose because it contains thearubigins and theaflavins. All these compounds contain effective antioxidant properties which help to protect every DNA molecule from the potential damage due to various species of oxygen. The compounds present in green tea can help to reduce the proliferation of the cells. They are also used in various animal studies and in the laboratory to perform apoptosis.

6. Tea and mental health

Thanks to the presence of L-theanine, tea drains all the stress straight out of your body. According to various testing in the labs, L-theanine binds with those chemicals that can affect your mind, particularly stress. L-theanine contains an amino acid that does this binding process and this amino acid is only found in tea. Therefore, instead of drinking coffee to wake up, you should drink tea to reduce stress before taking any test or doing any presentation.

7. Tea benefits on sleeping vs coffee

We have all heard our grandma or grandma tall about the benefits of bedtime tisane. Unlike coffee, there is a variety of tea that can improve sleep quality and quantity. Some people say that “chamomile tea makes me sleepy” but is there a real reason why chamomile tea helps you sleep. The answer is yes: it contains a flavonoid called apigenin that has a positive effect on sleep. Unfortunately, women should be vigilant while consuming chamomile tea during pregnancy. But there are other teas extremely beneficial for sleeping like melatonin tea, valerian tea, and sleepytime tea available for example on Amazon.

8. Tea benefits for bones

Many people claim that coffee has a negative effect on bones’ health but in reality, you will find plenty of contradictory researches about this subject. But, what about tea effects on bones?

We have always heard that due to the lack of calcium, many women are subjected to osteoporosis or any other disease. This can only happen when the bones start to get weak and all the cartilage around the bones starts to dissolve. Yet again, tea is here to save us from such a great loss. For example, black tea and white tea help to strengthen the bones just like the calcium does. According to a study in Australia, it is found that the women who drink black tea are subjected to lesser incidents that are related to fractures.

9. Tea benefits for the stomach – Coffee and acid stomach

For the same quantity, coffee may contain twice as much caffeine as tea. Due to the caffeine, coffee has the ability to make your stomach produce acids in a larger quantity as compared to tea. Although not all the researchers agree on the role of coffee in aggravating symptoms for people who has stomach disorders, it always smart to eliminate most potential triggers. People with Gastroesophageal reflux disease should be on the lookout for reflux that can be caused by consuming coffee.

10. Tea is more environmentally friendly than coffee

Although both intensive production of coffee and tea are contributing to deforestation and the disappearance of species of plants, in general tea has a better carbon footprint than coffee. From one tea to another the carbon footprint may vary a lot, for example, producing tea bag require more resources than selling loose leaf tea.

11. Tea and coffee price comparison

The diversity of tea also induces a large range of prices. Even though the most expensive tea cost way more than the most expensive coffee, the regular tea drinker will find tea at a lower price than the regular coffee person.

12. Coffe addiction – Tea addiction

The amount of caffeine is not likely to cause addiction to a substance but instead, tea lovers are more “addicted” to the taste or the ritual established around tea consumption. Other people who drink tea regularly are more attracted by the social aspect like for example taking part or organizing tea parties. On the other hand, coffee addiction comes generally with some negative impact in one’s life such as disturbing sleep and other negative consequences discussed in this article. If you miss your one cup of tea your body will continue to function normally unlike the one missing one cup of coffee: headache, sleepiness, and excessive fatigue are some commonly reported symptoms.

13. Coffee bitterness vs tea sweetness

Although a good quality coffee can be consumed black with no sugar, we know that most people add sugar to their coffee. As there are plenty of tea less bitter than coffee, the amount of extra sugar can be reduced drastically if you choose the right tea. Some herbal teas or aromatic plants like lemongrass, mint, chamomile, and Coleus amboinicus are naturally sweet. In addition to their health benefits, drinking tea does not require to add more refined sugar to your diet.

[Savory] Savoury afternoon tea ideas

It can be the recipe for afternoon tea, the tea before going to sleep, or the tea you want immediately after waking up. It is Ginger-Lemon-Honey Tea and it consists of a perfect composition of each ingredient. Below mentioned is the entire recipe of this and which ingredients you will need.

Key Ingredients:

  • Finely Chopped Ginger, 1 tablespoon
  • Honey, 1 tablespoon
  • Lemon, 1 tablespoon
  • Tea Leaves, 1 tablespoon (for every cup)

Water, 3 cups


Woman drinking tea in a mug

Take a pan and add that 3 cups of water on medium flame. Before this water starts to boil, add the finely chopped ginger and mix it. When the water starts to boil, immediately add honey, lemon, and the tea leaves to it. Mix it again and then wait for a few minutes so that it develops some flavor. Then use a strainer to strain it into a cup and enjoy your Ginger-Lemon-Honey Tea!

Many people who have shifted from being a coffee-drinker to a tea-drinker demonstrate that they have become a whole new person just because of this minor change in their routine. They sleep better, feel better, and live life better. I think it is still possible to occasionally sip a good cup of cappuccino but on a daily basis drinking tea has more benefits.


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