Baking Cooking Method

According to the prehistoric Indo – European protolanguage, the word bake comes from the word bhog which typically means to dry off of something inside the premises of an oven. When we look at the history of baking, we found a lot of shreds of evidence regarding baking and how long has it been a part of our lives.

The evidence shows that bread has been baking from 14,000 years but the most interesting part is that the oldest oven was shown to be discovered about 6500 years ago. Now, the main question arises that how could it be possible to bake bread when the ovens were created after so long?

Various bread and baked pies in stainless steel bowls

The first that got baked inside the earliest ovens were not some kind of bread rather it was, bricks. This is because the bricks that got backed in the oven were more reliable than those who were set aside in the sun to dry. Moreover, ovens used to deliver faster results and as they say, the stronger the bricks, the stronger is the building.

In other words, we can say that the revolutionized world came into being by the process of baking. When we bake something, its structure changes which have a lot to do with the in-built processes of the oven such as control of humidity, heated air, evaporation of moisture, and contained space. Ultimately we get something that wants our taste buds craving for more. The satisfaction that a baker has, when his/her croissant is puffing, bread is rising or when bubbles are coming out of the pie, is certainly unparalleled.

What is Baking in Cooking?

Baking is a method of cooking food using dry heat. Traditional masonry ovens and modern electrical ovens are used to prepare baked food, for example, bread and pastries. Baking can be as simple as cooking baked potatoes or elevates to the art of preparing the most impressive wedding cake.

Advantages and disadvantages of baking

Undoubtedly, the aroma of roasting chicken or baking a simple bread can fill your nostrils along with your soul and it gives more reasons to cook in the oven. However, looking at the health benefits of baked foods, I have compiled some pros and cons.

Benefits of baking food

  • It contains a series of caramelizing process that gives baked foods, the richness that it requires and that is why baked goods taste way better than the boiled ones.
  • The fat content in baked goods is far lesser than that present in the fried food. So, you can devour all of it without complaining about how much fatter it’ll make you.
  • When you cook something on smoke, the toxic chemicals generated by it can make you a victim of some harmless diseases. But you don’t have to worry about this with baked foods because, in the oven, there are lesser chances for the emission of harmful byproducts.
  • In the oven, the food gets properly cooked which removes the problems of acquiring food poisoning and all the stomach-related problems.
  • On a cold day, baked foods help to keep you warm due to its texture and tenderness.
  • Procure the same sensory pleasure than a child playing with plasticine
  • Help to develop artistic skills and creativity through cooking

Disadvantages of baking

  • Baked goods certainly can take more time to cook as compared to all the other cooking methods, especially during the preparation time.
  • While steamed foods contain nearly no traces of non-healthy fat, some baked goods still contain some amount of trans fat due to the use of margarine or shortening.
  • Let’s be honest, most of us eat baked foods to satisfy our sweet tooth, and sometimes the amount of sugar added in it is certainly not good.

Baking food ideas

Well, it is time to heat that oven and get it working because I am about to disclose the top ten baking food recipes that will make your mouth water.

Delicious Chocolate Lava Cake  with strawberries
  • Eggless Atta Cake
  • Chocolate Lava Cake
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • Fudgy Chocolate Brownies
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Fudgy Chocolate Cake
  • Oat Apple Crumble
  • Eggless Vanilla Muffins
  • Ragi Cookies
  • Baked Vanilla Ice cream

Baked food recipes

Eggless Atta Cake recipe: Eggless Atta Cake is the most light, healthiest, and delicious cake that is perfect to eat with a cup of tea or to satisfy your dessert cravings after dinner. Below mentioned is the recipe for this mouth-watering cake that you can make at any hour of the day.


  • Whole wheat/Atta, 2 cups
  • Baking powder, 1/2 tablespoon
  • Refined oil, 3/4 cup
  • Curd, 1 cup
  • Brown sugar, 1-2 cups
  • A handful of raisins, walnuts, and figs
  • Cinnamon powder, 2 tablespoon
  • Soda Bicarbonate, 1 1/2 tablespoon
  • Water (according to the batter consistency)

Procedure: Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl while letting your oven to preheat at 392 °F (200 degrees Celsius). Take another bowl and add curd and oil into it and give it a good blend. After this, add all the dry ingredients in this bowl and blend it again. Once it attains the dripping consistency, let it set aside. You can use water to attain that consistency as well. Coat your baking dish with a layer of oil and that mixture into it. Bake this in the oven at 338 °F (170 degrees Celsius) for about an hour and 15 minutes. Cut the cake into fine pieces and enjoy its deliciousness.

Evolution of baking tools

In the early 18th century, many people used bread tins to give the bread its vital shape. But the bakers soon realized that too much heat from beneath those tins is too much to take by that dough which pushed to the creation of modern-age ovens in the 19th century. Biscuits are a necessary baked good and as we cannot live without them, the people in the 13th century could not as well.

That is why they used various biscuit tins to bake biscuits and the most famous of them were ship biscuits which were basically cooked for the Tudor sailors. With the emergence of baked foods in the world, there was room for some other tools as well such as cake tins which were created in the mid of the 19th century.

At the time of the Second World War, the cake tins were not only admissible to bake spongy goods, but it was also used to store some money. Just as the Greeks and Egyptians are ancient, pies are known to be the earliest baked good. Many bakers used wooden hoops to give the pie its shape.

However, at that time, everything made in these hoops such as meat, vegetables, gravy, or anything that can be covered by the crust of pastry was considered to be pie. Today, the names of the baking tools are still the same, but the manual factor has been replaced by machinery.

Where batter was manually beaten to give its thickened consistency, a blender and a beater are used to its job. Moreover, baking dishes have been changed, ingredients have become better, and flavors have advanced. But the most important change, among all of these, is the use of advanced and revolutionized ovens.

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