10 Healthy Eating Habits To Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is achievable providing that we adopt healthy eating habits and avoid eating unhealthy food. While some diet plans will for sure help shedding some pounds, this does not mean there are healthy or sustainable.

Creating a calorie deficit is the only common denominator among the multitude of weight loss programs. But to successfully maintain or lose weight, the daily deficit calorie must remain between 0 and 500 calories, opt for a nonrestrictive diet and non-excessive workouts.

Healthy meals that will help you maintain weight

The yo-yo effect, also called the yo-yo dieting, is one of the most common adverse effects of following an unbalanced diet. It occurs when people are not consistent in how they eat. Someone who follows a restrictive diet increases the change of yo-yo dieting.

Instead, it is better to set up an eating routine that considers calorie intake and nutrients ratio. A healthy balanced diet should include the six essential nutrients in the correct ratio: carbohydrates, protein, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals.

The USDA, through the program MyPlate gives helpful information on what and how to eat to remain at a healthy weight.

10 tips to maintain a healthy weight

Here are 10 tips that will help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid the yo-yo effect:

Eat nutritious foods

The body is programmed to store energy in the form of fat to survive in case of food shortage. One way to reduce the store is to consume the right amount of healthy nutrients. Failing to eat enough fats, carbs or protein may put the body in starvation mode.

Stop eating when full

Many have forgotten how it feels to be full. Over time overeating can become a real issue when people no longer listen to their bodies. This is one of the main reasons why many people fail to maintain a healthy weight.

Binge eating at a party may be acceptable but it is an issue when it becomes a habit or a daily routine. Unfortunately, comfort eating is too common in modern society. It is easier than ever to reach for comfort food while feeling stressed or depressed.

Limit high sugar-sweetened beverages and refined carbs

While a treat every once in a while may be mentally beneficial, consuming too much sugar daily is certainly something to avoid. Foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar contain a lot of calories and not the good ones.

This will result in consuming the recommended daily calorie intake without having the necessary nutrients. Some side effects are more cravings, a high insulin level, and a low energy level.

Start a meal by eating a bowl of soup

Soups are generally healthy and low in calories. Eating soup three or four times a week will not only lower the weekly calorie intake but also be a source of minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Eating soup also helps proper hydration and accentuates the feeling of fullness.

Add spices and herbs 

Use spices and culinary herbs in recipes to benefits from their anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing inflammation helps the body to maintain fitness and function properly. Which may affect water retention, fat storage, and digestion. Some spices like ginger or ginseng are also known to boost metabolism and result in burning more calories.

10 best tips and habits to maintaining a healthy weight

Drink water and unsweetened drinks

Water, coconut water, tea, green juice, and coffee are some good examples of drinks to consume on a weight loss diet. They help to have the daily recommended fluid intake (around 3.7 liters for a man and 2.7 liters for a woman) without all the drawbacks related to drinking soda or other high sweetened beverages. For example, chocolate ginger turmeric tea and pomegranate juice are two excellent beverages to consider while dieting for losing weight.

Improve sleep quality and quantity

Some studies show that a good night of sleeping has some positive effects on weight loss. Better sleepers may burn more fat. In addition, people who stay awake late tend to eat much more unhealthy late-night snacks.

Choose whole foods over processed foods

Not only highly processed foods tend to contain more sugar, sodium, trans fat, and refined carbs but they are also poor in good nutrients. Unfortunately, commercially processed foods lack most of the healthy nutrients present in preparations like smoothies, fresh vegetables, nuts, whole grains, meat, and seafood cooked wisely at home.

Taking time to eat 

Eating is not a race as so many people may think. They are so into work, chores, and family matters that they forget to free time to eat properly. Preferably at a peaceful place, sitting, taking time to chew, and to enjoy a meal. Not taking time to eat may have a negative impact on digestive activity, calorie intake, and feeling of fullness.

Combined protein and healthy fats for breakfast

Eating eggs, avocado, a slice of whole bread with a cup of unsweetened tea is a good example of breakfast that will prevent hunger before lunchtime. Avoid eating sugary food for breakfast because it can create blood sugar spikes and periods of lack of energy.

Healthy fresh fruits, veggies, and oils for weight control

Extra Things You Should Kown About Maintaining And Healthy Weight

Besides these general pieces of advice that almost anyone can apply there are some factors to consider for people that want to achieve a better weight. Here are some more things that can influence body weight:

  • The gender
  • The body type
  • Genetic and health-related troubles
  • Society and surroundings
  • Religious beliefs
  • The age
  • Diet preferences
  • Level of activity
  • Stress

Less physical activities, hormonal or metabolism changes, poor eating habits, too busy working are some reasons why men and women over 40 tend to gain weight and most of them struggle to keep a flat belly.

In American two-thirds of the population is overweight whereas only one-quarter of the population of Japan is overweight. Society and eating habits have a huge impact on how people behave regarding foods and the overall weight of the population.

Many religions impose a fasting period or period that prohibited the consumption of a particular food. For many, this means following a diet closed to the vegetarian diet for a while or the practice of intermittent fasting. For others, it will be opting for cleansing foods.

Some diet plans are made following a set of general rules that can apply to anyone. These diets are somehow comparable to the nutrition guide Myplate plan setting the correct foundation: what to eat and the daily intake.


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