Healthy Meal Prep Ideas For The Week

Meal Kit Delivery Services

A meal kit delivery service is a specific type of food delivery that includes grocery and a recipe. They provide all the ingredients and the instruction to cook a dish. The cost generally ranges from $5 to $15 per serving and the trend is to provide a solution to eat a healthy meal at an affordable price. Meal kit delivery services are suitable for people who

  • do not have much time (or do not enjoy) for grocery shopping, 
  • have a busy schedule at home or at work,
  • are short on recipe ideas,
  • struggle with meal prep but want to cook at home.

Services like grocery shopping and meal delivery can be done conveniently from your home using several great value websites. Switch up your meal prep routine by using meal kit delivery services, and shop for groceries from home by remotely accessing fresh markets near you. 

If cooking isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy healthy flavored meals using homemade meal delivery services. Whether you want fast foods, vegetarian, or paleo diets, there is something for virtually every need. This post covers our selection of businesses that are making sure you are not skipping meals or missing any nutrients.

Hello Fresh Delivery

Hello Fresh delivery is a great shop for people who want to save time they’d spend preparing ingredients for cooking. It is available for different family sizes and helps you get delicious dishes every time. Your Help fresh delivery box contains a recipe list, an ingredients list, and your food. You will be able to know exactly what you need to create a tasty dish. The company promises that every ingredient is sourced directly from the farm.

They work with reputable vendors to guarantee that everything you receive is fresh; take a look at the vendors to see for yourself. There are a few benefits you get when you use Hello fresh; it cuts out preparation time, reduces waste, uses environment-friendly packaging, access to tasty diverse recipes, and you enjoy flexibility in its weekly schedule.

Hello Fresh Delivery coverage: Hello fresh is currently able to deliver to all states in the US with the exemption of Alaska and Hawaii. Every area has available delivery days which you get to select from when placing your order.

Hello Fresh Type of meals: Hello meal kits are suitable for Dinner preparation.

Hello Fresh Specific plans: The recipes are diverse and can suit different dietary plans and you don’t have to bother about whether your ingredients are fresh because they are. If you do not find something that suits you, contact support, and have them recommend a recipe that suits your preferences.

Hello Fresh Pricing: All Hello fresh subscribers have to pay weekly to renew the subscription. 

Blue Apron

Blue Apron serves healthy meal boxes and delivers to customers with a guarantee that you have all the right ingredients to put together a healthy plate all week long, all the while focusing on health and wellness in the recipes designed, all Blue Apron meals come with exclusive flavor blends to make sure that the meals prepared are completely delicious.

It doesn’t matter whether you know your way around the kitchen because the content of your meal box is measured, and you get recipes to walk you through the cooking process. What makes Blue Apron different from any other healthy meal box service is its carefully selected contents, you get to minimize wastes due to the measured proportions.

Blue Apron Delivery coverage: Blue Apron delivers meal boxes every day of the week to all states within the continental US.

Blue Apron Type of meals: Meal boxes are suitable for dinner, and they may serve two or four plates a day depending on your plan.

Blue Apron Specific plans: Meal plans accommodate custom preferences, vegetarian, and pescatarian plans.

Blue Apron Pricing: The minimum price for any Blue Apron meal is $59.94 per week, $7.49 a day, and can go as high as $71.92 per week.

Sun Basket Meals

Sun Basket meal kits contain recipes that you can prepare in as little as 6 minutes. Everything selected is clean, organic, and ideal to help you maintain your healthy dietary lifestyle. Sun basket menus are created by Chef Justine and dieticians who put together recipes for different lifestyles which include; paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian, keto, etc. It is the perfect way to stick to a dietary lifestyle because of the interesting recipes and organic foods they deliver every time. 

You can choose a plan with 2 dinners a week or more, but you don’t have to stop there. Sun baskets also include options that can be used for lunch, breakfast, and snacks in between meals. From the foods to the packaging, Sun basket tries to maintain its clean values. Recyclable packaging is used, and farming is done using low-impact methods.

Sun basket Delivery coverage: Sun basket meals can be delivered to any state in the US except Montana, North Dakoda, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Sun basket Type of meals: Meals are focused on dinners but also includes lunch, breakfast, and snack.

Sun basket Specific plans: Sun basket menus include Vegetarian meals, Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet, seafood diet, gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, and organic diets.

Sun basket Pricing: Prices depend on how many recipes are included in your basket, however, a typical dinner serving costs $10.99, and $43.96 for 4 servings per week

Martha & Marley Spoon

Martha and Marley Spoon is a service that delivers meal kits with top quality ingredients that guarantees an interesting cooking and eating experience. The meal kits support different dietary preferences like non-dairy, vegan, low-carb, and family-friendly. They provide 22 different recipes each week to keep your home-cooked meals interesting.

What is so great about Martha & Marley Spoon is that not only are you getting healthy and delicious dishes (which should be more than enough), they have a less than 30 minutes prep time policy. It’s perfect for people who are looking to save time while they enjoy delicious home-cooked meals.

Martha & Marley Spoon delivery coverage: Delivery coverage extends to countries in different continents; Austria, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and the USA.

Martha & Marley Spoon type of meals: There is no rule opposing what meals your Martha and Marley Spoon meal kit offers you.

Martha & Marley Spoon specific plans: The plans cater for family-friendly, non-dairy, and vegetarian diets – all you need to do is look through the Martha and Marley spoon menu.

Martha & Marley Spoon pricing: The couple plan for Martha and Marley spoon meals cost $8.99 per portion while the family plan costs $7.49 per portion.


Gobble meal kit delivery promises to provide tasty dinners that you can make in just 15 minutes. It is an excellent service for anyone who is overwhelmed by how long it takes to make dinner. There are different meals put up on the weekly Gobble menu by the sous chef.

You are guaranteed to have something healthy and tasty on your plate without spending a long time preparing the ingredients. Everything you need according to your selected plan is delivered in a refrigerated box. You get healthy meal options like gluten-free, vegetarian diets, etc. in portions that help you minimize waste.

Gobble delivery coverage: Gobble meals are delivered in refrigerated boxes to the continental US except for five states; North and South Dakoda, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Montana.

Gobble type of meals: Gobble meals menus are designed to be consumed as dinner.

Gobble specific plans: Lean and clean meal options include gluten-free, non-dairy, and vegetarian dishes.

Gobble pricing: The starting price for Goble dinner is $11.99 and a shipping fee of $6.99.

Dinnerly meal kit

Dinnerly meal kits offer meals that are affordable, family-friendly, and convenient. What makes this service stand out among its competition is the ability to offer something for children and do so at affordable rates. It is almost as if you have no reason not to buy a meal kit from Dinnerly.

While offering tasty meals, Dinnerly can target the market of customers who don’t want to spend excessively on meals by cutting out waste. By using digital recipes, less marketing, and giving only the ingredients you need, you can get a meal box at a price that suits your budget.

Dinnerly delivery coverage: If you live within the US, there is a high chance that Dinnerly can deliver to you.

Dinnerly type of meals: Meals are designed for dinners.

Dinnerly specific plans: There are vegetarian dishes, child-friendly, and whole meals. Nonetheless, customers with allergies are advised to go through the recipe and ingredient list provided to make sure there are no allergens in their dishes.

Dinnerly pricing: A serving of an adult-sized Dinnerly meal costs $4.29.

The Green Chef

Green Chef menus provide ingredients for healthy meals that can feed either a family of 2 or 4. The strength of Green Chef’s meal kit is the ability to provide different foods for a variety of meal plans, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Creating tasty dishes for plant-based diets can be tasking because you have to plan every single detail while thinking about the taste, Green Chef solves this problem.

All the meals from Keto to plant-based are all designed to be delicious while providing this service at a reasonable price. Ordering a box of Green Chef meal is suitable for people looking to eat healthy meals conveniently. The menu and recipe make for a wholesome experience.

Green Chef delivery coverage: Besides Alaska, Hawaii, and some parts of Louisiana, you can get your Green Chef meal box delivered between 8 am and 9 pm on the day scheduled for delivery.

Green Chef type of meals: Green Chef is created to help you get a healthy dinner.

Green Chef specific plans: Green Chef plans cover Keto diets, Paleo, balanced living, plant-powered for vegans and vegetarians, and a family plan.

Green Chef pricing: Green chef meals cost ranges from $10.99 per serving to $12.99 but with a discount, you can get meals as low as $6.99 per serving.

Home Chef

Home Chef meal kits rule out the need for any cooking skill and make it possible for you to have high-quality dinners in minutes with everything prepared for you along with a recipe. It doesn’t matter if you know how to handle a kitchen knife or not. All you need is to look at the recipe that includes quick meals that take 5 to 30 minutes to prepare.

With Home Chef, you can select different plans to keep up to your healthy eating lifestyle. The pros of Home Chef are that; you can customize your meals, you can alter your plans at any time, it is affordable, healthy, and requires short preparation time.

Home Chef delivery coverage: If you live in the United States, there is a 98% chance that Home Chef delivers to your area. You can find out if they do here.

Home Chef type of meals: Home Chef meals are intended to be served during dinner.

Home Chef specific plans: Available plans include vegetarian, low carb, and calorie-conscious meals.

Home Chef pricing: Meals in your kit will vary according to your plan, but a minimum price for a Home Chef meal is $6.99 per serving.

Chef Plate Canada

Chef plate meal service is the convenience of having tasty meals every day without grocery shopping or long cooking hours. They source fresh ingredients and prepare them alongside your menu selection to make sure that you have all you need for a quick 30-minute meal. The diverse meal options Chef Plate menu offers, are going to interest you and you’ll never have to settle for boring meals.

A weekly menu is provided, all you do are; select your favorites, and enter your address. Every meal from Chef Plate is flavorful and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Chef plate Canada delivery coverage: Input your location details to confirm if Chef Plate delivers to you. If they don’t then be rest assured that they would soon. Currently, delivery is only done to Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan.

Chef plate Canada type of meals: Meals can be eaten at any time you feel like.

Chef plate Canada specific plans: In some weeks, you might get gluten and dairy-free meals on the menu. However, food allergens are avoidable with Chef Plate’s meals.

Chef plate Canada pricing: Chef Plate meals cost $8.99 or $12.95 per serving. Although delivery is free in most cases, a 2-person plan attracts a delivery charge of $6.

Make good food Canada

Make Good Food Canada is a meal kit service that is out to impress you. First off, they only use ingredients that are in season so that they can guarantee that you get complete nutrients all year. Then, every meal found on the menu is specially designed by the in-house chef, which means – nothing like what you are used to.

The menu section is divided into five different categories, and you just choose which of them satisfies your needs better. In your delivery kit, expect to see raw ingredients that have been prepared and portioned, and a recipe with detailed instructions. You can keep these for a week and they will stay fresh.

Make good food Canada delivery coverage: To find out the delivery coverage, contact Good Food customer care services. If you live in any of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, British Colombia, Maritimes, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, Good Food can deliver to you.

Make good food Canada type of meals: You can order breakfast or dinner with Good Food Canada.

Make good food Canada specific plans: There are no distinct meal plans provided, their mandate is to create meals that are fresh and delicious.

Make good food Canada pricing: You will be charged based on the meals you select; it should be within $9.42 to $12.04 per serving.