Healthy Meals On A Budget

Meal Delivery Services In The United States

Adhering to healthy diets is more difficult when we are faced with lockdowns and various restrictions. Even when things were normal, we often struggled to find time to prepare healthy meals and come up with interesting ways to keep your plate appealing. Fortunately, several meal delivery services make it possible to eat anything you want without stepping out of your house.

Services like grocery shopping and meal delivery can be done conveniently from your home using several great value websites. Switch up your meal prep routine by using meal kit delivery services, and shop for groceries from home by remotely accessing fresh markets near you.

If cooking isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy healthy flavored meals using homemade meal delivery services. Whether you want fast foods, vegetarian, or paleo diets, there is something for virtually every need. This post covers our selection of businesses that are making sure you are not skipping meals or missing any nutrients.

Freshly Home Delivery

Freshly Home Delivery is a service that makes it possible to eat healthy and tasty meals without going through all the hassles of chopping and sizzling. They provide a variety of healthy meals prepared by a chef. The focus of every meal is on health and flavor which is tackled meticulously right down to using healthy seasonings. All you need to do is go through the menu to pick meals that suit your dietary preferences. To keep it all interesting, the menu evolves regularly with options for vegetarian meals.

It is worthy to mention that you can expect every Freshly food delivery to be in recyclable packages containing frozen foods that you can heat up in 3 minutes. Freshly foods are tasty, gluten-free, and healthy. When you look at Freshly, you see an easy way to order healthy food online; there are demo videos on the website that explain everything; from selecting a meal from the menu, to how to recycle the packages. 

Freshly Delivery coverage: Freshly foods are delivered at a small additional fee, and they use meal delivery services that deliver everywhere in the continental US. You’ll have to enter your Zip code, then select your preferred delivery days from the available days that will be given to you.

Freshly Type of meals: Freshly meals can either be eaten as lunch or dinner, depending on your preference. 

Freshly Specific plans: All freshly meals are certified gluten-free and peanuts free. With a focus on healthy meals, you’ll find something that suits your dietary restrictions. To this effect, all ingredients are listed for every meal which informs your decision, and you can always contact the support team for any concerns.

Freshly Pricing: The price range for foods hovers around $8 to $11.50 per meal. But, this is dependent on your meal subscription plan. 

Sprinly Meals

Sprinly offers healthy and fresh plant-based meals that are approved by nutritionists. It is an excellent option for Vegetarians who want healthy meals delivered to their homes or offices. Every meal is originally made, with a lot of emphasis on creating nutrient-rich vegan meals. The company has made it explicitly clear, everything used to prepare Sprinly meals are plant-based and made from scratch to ensure clarity in the nutritional contents of all servings.

Sprinly only delivers fresh foods and never frozen foods, so that customers only have to heat them up for about 3 minutes before they are ready to eat. The meals are prepared in a way that is safe for people with existing health conditions who require clean diets. In line with this clean initiative; the team maintains high sanitary practices when handling foods, and packages used for Sprinly food delivery can be recycled.

Sprinly Delivery coverage: Deliveries are done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays via FedEx to 15 states (they are expected to increase their reach in a short time).

Sprinly Type of meals: Sprinly meals can easily be breakfast, lunch, or diner. They are quite flexible to cater to most plant-based meal plans.

Sprinly Specific plans: All the meals are plant-based and made with ingredients from scratch. They are gluten-free, healthy for the heart, refined sugar-free, vegetarian, and organic. An ingredient list is made available in case of any other dietary requirements, health concerns, or nutritional requirements.

Sprinly Pricing: Prices are set per week and according to the chosen meal plan. The available plans are; $109 for 6 meals per week, $199 for 12 meals per week, and $289 for 18 meals per week. All prices are inclusive of delivery fees. 

Uber meals – Uber Eats Delivery

Uber Eats is fundamentally a meal delivery service that stands as a middle-man between you and your favorite restaurant. Asides the service itself, Uber Eats food delivery is popular because of its wide geographical coverage, so you will likely find their services near you. All you need to do is to look up your favorite restaurant and order food that will be delivered to your doorstep. It is perfect for people that want an easy way to get fast food delivered to them from restaurants.

There is a condition to what you can get on Uber Eats; the restaurant has to be registered with the app for customers to be able to make an online order. Deliveries are performed with bikes or cars, and you can find most of the top fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, etc. all registered for uber eats delivery. 

In general, this food delivery service has no restrictions on the kinds of restaurants using its service. You can get Chinese, Pizza, beverages, Mexican food, vegetarian dishes, etc. on the app.

Uber Eats Delivery coverage: As long as restaurants around you are registered on Uber eats, you can access their services. It’s available in 45 countries and all cities in the US.  

Uber Eats Type of meals: Order breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner at your convenience by searching for a list of uber eats restaurants near you.

Uber Eats Specific plans: The kind of meals delivered by Uber eats is not limited to a particular meal plan, it depends on the restaurants registered. Therefore, it is suitable for everybody.

Uber Eats Pricing: The average delivery cost on Uber eats is $4. However, this price is not fixed and depends on some factors. Restaurants located in areas with higher demand than delivery drivers will have a more expensive delivery fee. The total fee you pay will include; price for food, delivery, and taxes. All of which are deducted directly from your credit/debit card.


Doordash meal delivery helps customers connect to local restaurants around them. As a delivery service, Doordash differs from its major competitors (Uber eats) through its subscription plan which allows consumers to pay a flat monthly rate rather than per delivery. With this subscription, you get to order as often as you want and opt-out whenever you want. The monthly subscription fee for Doordash delivery is $9.99, which is comparably cheaper for users that order more than twice a month.

In the absence of the monthly subscription, there are lower service fees charged when a user places an order above $15. Since the delivery service is smooth and convenient, the advantage of using Doordash is the ability to get price cuts. Otherwise, the average price of using a Doordash delivery is slightly more expensive than Uber eats. Doordash gives customers the option to pick up and schedule a meal delivery.

Doordash delivery coverage: Doordash is available in some cities in the US, UK, and Canada.

Doordash type of meals: Doordash delivery works round the clock, however, the food you can get depends on whether restaurants around you are open.

Doordash specific plans: You can get any kind of meals sold by restaurants. You only need to look them up on the platform to know if they are registered as a Doordash-Restaurant.

Doordash pricing: A Doordash monthly subscription allows customers to enjoy a cheaper delivery fee, and lower service charge. Also, some restaurants partner with Doordash to offer special Doordash promos like free deliveries and free meals, we recommend you also be on the lookout for that.

Munchys food delivery

Munchys food delivery service is based in Florida and Oregon. They allow users to order meals from their favorite restaurants. It is a three-step operation; you enter your address, select your meal, and place your order. The smooth experience and customer support are part of the reasons why Munchys ranks among the top food delivery services.

In addition to tracking your meals, you can call to get an estimate on how long it will take to get your meal at your doorstep. Munchys promises a satisfying experience for customers who use their service. However, if you do not find your favorite restaurant, contact the customer service to have them do something about it.

Munchys delivery coverage: Munchys delivery focuses on cities within Oregon and Florida, most of which are in Oregon. The cities are; Albany, Lebanon, Corvallis, Monmouth, Salem & Keizer, Eugene & Springfield, and South Tampa.

Munchys type of meals: Munchys food delivery start operation at 10.00 am in all cities and up to midnight in some. Therefore, you can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner depending on what your preferences are.

Munchys specific plans: There are no specific meal plans for Munchys, they serve whatever the registered restaurants offer.

Munchys pricing: Delivery within a mile distance costs $2.99 and for every additional mile, a dollar is added. In addition to this fee, you pay for the food and tax.

Macro Plate Delivery

Macro Plate meal delivery service focuses on providing nutrient-dense meals to fulfill your dietary requirements for the day. With plans designed to suit different lifestyles, subscribing to any Macro Plate plan will give you a wholesome experience on your plate. To stay accountable for everything included in meals, Macro Plate exclusively uses clean and healthy ingredients that will not compromise your craving for a delicious meal.

The meals are prepared by a team of expert chefs, nutritionists, and athletes who plan the menu, calorie count and portion size to make sure that they provide what is required.

With Macro Plate, you get healthy meals that take you from breakfast to dinner made possible with a team, and carefully selected collaborations with businesses that share goals.

Macro plate delivery coverage: Micro Plate delivers to a vast list of cities across the US which you will find on the website. Every city has the same rules for delivery time i.e. deliveries arrive at your home between 10 pm and 6 am in appropriate packaging.

Macro plate type of meals: Meal boxes from Macro Plate include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks according to your meal plan. It is important to select plans that match your lifestyle.

Macro plate specific plans: During registration, there is room to enter food preferences and allergies to the perfect meal for you. Other than this, health is the only plan that will be considered while preparing meals.

Macro plate pricing: The price depends on the plan (on the go, athlete, etc.) and this ranges between $120 for 5 days of a week to $385 for a whole week.

Snap Kitchen Delivery

The first thing anyone would notice about Snap Kitchen meals is how they have successfully solved the price dilemma of anyone looking to start eating healthy. Like many healthy meals box services out there, Snap kitchen ensures that you get fresh food accessible to you at the appropriate time.

Snaps kitchen stretches its services further to create a menu that tackles proportion, nutrients, calorie count, time-saving, and cost. Their team consists of nutritionists and chefs who have come together to prepare fresh meals that help you achieve weight loss, get better moods, clearer skin, better sleep, etc.

Snap kitchen delivery coverage: You can decide to pick up your meal, or you can have it delivered to any of the Snap kitchen locations in the 38 states in the US.

Snap kitchen type of meals: Meals can be eaten for any of the day’s meals.

Snap kitchen specific plans: Snap Kitchen menu caters to 8 different personalized plans as follows; Keto diet, whole diets, vegetarian, paleo, high protein, a balanced diet, a low carb diet, and a personalized custom diet plan.

Snap kitchen pricing: Snap Kitchen meals are estimated to cost $9.58 per meal on average which falls below the average cost per meal for a person living in the US.

Home Bistro Meal Delivery

Home Bistro was rated by CNET as one of the best meal delivery services operating in 2020, particularly for gourmet meals. If you a person with exquisite taste, it is tasking to come up with a meal plan, shop, and cook every other day but with Bistro meal, it becomes easier.

The meals are nothing short of what you’ll find in a gourmet restaurant, with easy recipes and fresh ingredients to guaranty that signature Bistro quality. Home Bistro meal menu consists of interesting healthy meal variety, all delivered to your doorstep through FedEx.

Home Bistro delivery coverage: Home Bistro meal delivery ensures high-quality service to all US states except Hawaii and Alaska. The meal boxes arrive at your doorstep within 1 to 3 days of placing the order.

Home Bistro type of meals: Home Bistro meals can be kept in your freezer, to be consumed at your convenience.

Home Bistro specific plans: Home Bistro focuses on Mediterranean meals but, you can customize yours to make a vegetarian, low carb, and low sodium diet. It can also cater for health conditions like diabetes, and cancer.

Home Bistro pricing: Satisfying exquisite taste does not come cheap, therefore, the minimum price for a Home Bistro meal is $7.99 for 1 serving of a 5-minutes lunch, and it can get as high as $39.8 for 4 servings of a premium meal.

Sakara Food Delivery

Sakara food delivery is a result-based service. They provide ready to eat meals that are plant-based and are focused on helping you reach your desired dietary goals, e.g. weight loss, improved digestion, increased focus, etc. Everything you need for a clean diet from a detox juice to the main meal can be found in your meal package. They operate within Sakara’s nutritional philosophy and make sure that you tick all the important boxes for a healthy diet without counting calories.

Sakara Food’s places focus on suitable ingredients and nutrient selection from super plants. Everything from plant protein, to hydrating foods, to fats, Sakara is a vegetarian’s dream meal service. It also helps that the weekly Sakara menus and recipes are created by a team of food researchers and health scientists.

Sakara delivery coverage: All Sakara meal boxes can be delivered to all states within the continental US.

Sakara type of meals: Each Sakara box contains 3 clean meals for the day.

Sakara specific plans: Sakara menu covers a holistic and clean plant-based diet.

Sakara pricing: Sakara meal costs about $70 per day for all three meals. First-timers can get $50 when they subscribe.

Skip the dishes

As the largest meal delivery service in Canada, Skip ensures that you get delicious meals from your favorite restaurants without leaving your home. Skip has extensive coverage in Canada, so your favorite restaurant is likely to be registered. All you need to do is download the app and you can have meals delivered to your home in a short while.

After you have placed your order and checked out, you can keep track of the progress of your meals in real-time. The app estimates delay from hindrances like weather, traffic, etc. It is important that you check foods for any possible allergens before placing an order because Skip is not in charge of meal preparations.

Skip the dishes delivery coverage: If you are ready to order, confirm if Skip delivers in your city: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

Skip the dishes type of meals: The type of meals and meal plans depends on the restaurants available, but with so many restaurants already using Skip, there is a high chance you find something that suits you: Chinese food, burgers, Indian food, Greek cuisine, Italian food, Japenese food, Pizza, Thaï food delivery, Vietnamese.

Skip the dishes specific plans: It varies according to the restaurant related to the previous types of meals. 

Skip the dishes pricing: The fees may vary depending on the restaurant and your location. They will generally charge under $7 to get a driver to deliver your food.

Territory food delivery

Territory Foods is a service that brings healthy meals to your table with the help of hands-on local nutritionists and chefs. Using this service combines convenience with cost benefits to provide a healthy meal solution. With 10 different kinds of meal plans, there is hardly a healthy food preference that will not be satisfied with Territory food delivery.

Every meal is checked for quality by chefs, and the ingredient list is sourced from only sustainable food sources. In addition to the meals, you can also shop for clean kitchen ingredients (for those who rather get things moving in the kitchen by themselves). After selecting a plan, expect meal deliveries to be made twice a week which you can refrigerate and eat whenever you want.

Territory Food delivery coverage: Because all meals from Territory foods are micromanaged locally, it is yet to reach a lot of states. However, delivery is available in Maryland, New York, Washington DC, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Look up your city to find out if Territory foods are available.

Territory Food type of meals: Territory food meals can be eaten at any time of the day.

Territory Food specific plans: The 10 meal plans available are paleo, whole30, keto, vegan, plant-based, Mixitarian, Mediterranean, low carb, low fat, and of course custom plans. 

Territory Food pricing: Subscribing to a meal plan is more cost-effective because of the free meals and possible free delivery. The cost depends on the particular plan but expects a minimum of $9 per serving.


Looking for something to help you stay committed to your healthy lifestyle? Fit2go might just be right for you. You do not have to subscribe to any plan, you can order for one meal, try it out and see how it goes. This meal-delivery service focuses on a healthy lifestyle therefore, it considers healthy meals and portions to create a suitable service.

Fit2go prepares and delivers meals daily so that everything you get is fresh. Ingredients are also sourced with your health as a priority and you can feel free to customize your menus as you wish.

Fit2go delivery coverage: They deliver in some areas around Miami but you need to find out if your area is one of the places Fit2go meals are delivered to by searching here.

Fit2go type of meals: Fit2go meals are perfect for lunch and dinner.

Fit2go specific plans: Fit2go meal plans include low carb, paleo, gluten, and dairy-free, vegan, keto, vegetarian, pescatarian, and a balanced combination.

Fit2go pricing: What you put on your menu determines how much you pay, and that can go as low as $14.25 for a day’s lunch and dinner. However, to get the best prices, you should look at the promos available.


Veestro is a meal delivery service that provides healthy plant-based meals every day for people who are too busy to spend many hours in the kitchen. Every meal on the menu is built around plant-based ingredients that are hand-picked and prepared to guarantee convenience for customers.

Before getting a plant-based meal delivery like this, being vegan means that you’ll have to dedicate long minutes of your day, selecting ingredients and putting together a balanced diet. Veestro focuses on organic ingredients and creating flavored meals to make sure that you no longer have to get bored or eat unhealthily.

Veestro delivery coverage: Delivery is available in all states in the United States except for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

Veestro type of meals: You can find something for any time of the day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Veestro specific plans: All meals from Veestro are plant-based, and you can find gluten-free and high protein options.

Veestro pricing: Depends on your package, it costs an average of $17 per serving.


Post-colleagues provide healthy meals sent to your home, but that’s not all that’s given. Apart from all kinds of food choices, you can also order groceries, coffee, and alcohol which makes it very convenient.

If you live in a major US city and don’t mind waiting a little longer, consider the Postmates Party shipping option,
whenever it is available. It basically works like a “carpool”. As you can imagine, this shipping option helps reduce dollars from your bills – perfect for price-sensitive customers. In addition, pay attention to the extraordinary offers sent to you by email as they are useful in offsetting the costs of your Postmates orders!

Postmates delivery coverage: As a delivery and pick-up platform, Postmates offers services in about 3,500 US cities in all 50 states. However, you will need to check if the specific service you want is available in your city.

Postmates type of meals: A large choice of breakfast, lunch, and dinner using Postmates partners.

Postmates specific plans: You can find almost everything providing that the restaurant you are looking for partners with Postmates: burgers,
organic smoothies, coffee, Mexican food, Thaï food, and more.

Postmates pricing: Postmates delivery fees vary from $0.99 to $9.99 depending on the merchants you choose. The fees are generally lower if the merchant is a Postmates partner. To lower the cost you may consider being a member to benefit from delivery free of fees.

Vegin’ Out

Veg-in-out is a vegan market for everything you need to lead a dedicated vegan lifestyle. Created in a way that both the online and offline services offer convenience to customers, they go through a careful selection of brands and favorites among vegans to make sure that everything sold is loved and created without hurting animals. 

While this is a place to buy everything on your vegan grocery list, you can also apply to sell or request for certain ingredients. Veg-in-out is more than just a marketplace. It is a community. 

Hence being a part of the vegan-ized club sets you up for rewards, discounts, and newsletters.  If you’d rather shop in person, you can see the store hours here, and you can order for pickup to cut out shopping time.

Delivery coverage: Deliveries are done by Instacart, which delivers in the US and Canada. Sometimes you get discounts on delivery charges, and you can opt for same-day delivery (it depends on where you live). If you live in Las Vegas, you can decide to pick up or shop in person in line with the safety guidelines.

Type of meals: You can buy ingredients for vegan breakfast, lunch, and snacks. 

Specific plans: Everything sold at Veg-in-out is carefully selected to be 100% vegan before they go on the shelf.

Pricing: The delivery charges and coverage are handled exclusively by Instacart. Since this is a new business, prices can sometimes be higher than what you will find in discount stores. However, they are well within average affordability.

Trifecta Nutrition

With an in-house chef and nutritionists, Trifecta provides the needed community and nutritional support you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.  They focus on athletes and help them get their desired physical results through carefully planned and prepared meals. However, anybody seeking to transform their bodies is welcome in the trifecta community.

The nutritionist and chef provide meal plans, well-cooked meals, a weekly menu, and of course, a chance to build your meal. In the Trifecta community, you get support and information from an in-house certified nutritionist that knows about physical fitness, performance, and bodybuilding. You also get a free weight loss guide when you subscribe to the Trifecta community.

Delivery coverage: Although located in Sacramento, Ca. Trifecta meals are delivered weekly everywhere in the US for free. You can skip days and schedule your delivery days the way you like.

Type of meals: Meals are fully prepared and sealed. Therefore you can refrigerate them and eat them when you like.

Specific plans: Trifecta meals cater to six different meal plans: Clean meals, paleo, keto, vegan, classic, and vegetarian. Besides keto, they are all dairy-free. Vegan and vegetarian meals are the only ones that contain soy products that help cater to allergies.

Pricing: Prices are charged weekly and depend on your meal plan. However, you can build a meal according to your budget from the a la carte bundles here. Since it is a meal delivery plus a fitness community service, the prices are higher than other meal delivery services. However, considering the combination of their services and the guaranteed results, they are reasonable.

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh n’ Lean meal delivery service provides healthy, tasty, cooked meals right at your doorstep. Unlike other meal delivery services, Fresh n’ Lean offers a wide range of options to all its customers. Every meal plan you select has options in terms of recipes and macronutrients for you to choose from. You have more control over your nutrients when you use Fresh n’ Lean. You also get to eat everything you like even when you are using a meal delivery service. 

Every meal delivered can be heated up and eaten in as little as 3 minutes. Therefore, it is perfect for the busy person, career person, or just anyone looking to avoid spending hours in the kitchen. While being a fast solution, taste and health are a vital consideration in the preparation of the meals. You can keep meals refrigerated for up to six weeks after they are delivered to you.

Delivery coverage: Deliveries arrive every Friday to all states in the US (including the continental US).

Type of meals: Fresh n’ Lean meals can be eaten as entrée, breakfast, or any time you want healthy food.

Specific plans: The weekly menu caters to different meal plans like; protein, keto, paleo, vegan, low-carb vegan, and bulk meals. Pricing: The starting price for Fresh n’ Lean meals are $9.33 per meal and vary according to what you pick from the menu.


If you sometimes have to let out a sad sigh when you think of going grocery shopping, then Hungryroot is the perfect grocery delivery service for you. You can order everything on your list online and have them delivered, or you can have an assistant pick out what you need to have awesome meals.

All you need to do is login and tell them about your dietary preferences. This service is perfect for people who hate grocery shopping or cannot find the time to go through endless shelves of products. They would rather just buy their grocery online and use that time for something useful. You can get started by creating a personalized plan or requesting for help picking out what suits your preferences. 

You should note that the items bought are not prepared as they would in a meal kit, you simply get a shopping assistant to help you come up with a grocery list and help you pick, pack and deliver them to you. By working with only brands they can trust, they make sure that you are getting the best items for a healthy meal. If you are ready to start, you can build your grocery plan now.

Delivery coverage: Deliveries are done weekly – every Thursday so that you can have fresh foods and ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle.

Type of meals: Varieties of meals include entrees, snacks, and main course.

Specific plans: Hungryroot is supportive of different meal plans thanks to a chef in the team. As long your desired items are in stock, you can get groceries for your healthy lifestyle.

Pricing: The starting price for a standard meal the plan is $59, however, your personalized meal plan and your item selection will affect how much you pay.


DeliveryLean is more than just a meal delivery company, they are a lifestyle service. They aim to provide meals that fit into the lifestyle choices of people with different tastes and preferences. That means the team is always hands-on to find something that suits the contemporary tastes and choices of people.

To be able to do this, DeliveryLean operates with a high standard for safety, health, and tastes.  There are over 100 different meals on the menu weekly, so that there is something for everyone, and you do not run out of options.

All meals are prepared with procedures and in a kitchen that is according to FDA and USDA certification. Making it the only meal delivery service in Florida with this kind of focus on safety. The goal here is to make your healthy lifestyle an easy feat, and so far, they are doing a great job at it.

Delivery coverage: All deliveries occur on or before 7 am on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. For now, delivery is limited to Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade areas in Florida.

Type of meals: They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between and after — entrée, salad, sandwich, wraps, desserts, soup, and kids’ meals

Specific plans: Dietary plan consists of the Classic, paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan.  If this is your first time using meal delivery services and you are not sure about the details of the meal plans, you can find out more about them here before signing up.

Pricing: With so much emphasis on quality control and maintaining impeccable standards, the prices are expected to be anything above average. This will eventually depend on the meals you select and your meal plan. However, the average price of a DeliveryLean meal costs $10.99

Catered Fit

Catered Fit is a meal delivery service that provides deliciously cooked meals delivered to customers. They cater to people with different healthy lifestyles, from people deciding to live a healthy life, to people with health concerns and fitness goals. 

You will find something for you when you look through the menu. In line with promoting a healthy culture, the ingredients used in all Catered fit meals are locally sourced, natural, and non-GMO. They are also antibiotics and hormone-free and sourced from humane sources. 

The meal plans are easily adjustable to different family sizes, which makes it easy to use Catered Fit for all your family meals. The larger your family, the more meals you include in your package. There is also a weekly menu refresh. However, if you do not select a new menu, your previous selection is maintained by default.

Delivery coverage: You can choose a delivery schedule that fits your lifestyle and needs — either weekly or daily delivery in parts of Florida and California. With weekly deliveries, they occur on Thursday’s right to your doorstep.

Type of meals: The meals available on the menu can be eaten at any time of the day. Since you can order extras, you can get snacks, desserts, etc. as well. 

Specific plans: CateredFit meals fit different plans and lifestyles like; classic, paleo, meatless and keto, athlete, seniors, diabetic, corporate, etc.

Pricing: The more meals per week in your plan, the lower it costs per meal. A plan with five meals per week costs $12 per meal while that with 25 meals per week costs $8 per meal.