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A decade before, people tried to shop for seafood and farm products by going to the marts and stores. The online stores and services were not much famous among them. But now there is an emerging trend of people buying these items online. Several different online stores offer home delivery of these products in almost all USA and Canada regions.

These stores have high-quality farm-fresh products and the best quality seafood available. All you have to do is go to the online store and place your order. Some stores provide all-natural and organic farm products at the doorstep of their customers and high-quality seafood. We have come up with some top-rated stores famous for delivering the best products with excellent service in the USA and Canada.

Let us start the list of top-rated stores for your products in the USA and Canada.

Plenty of healthy food and groceries

Fresh farm market

Fresh farm market is a platform that brings farmers and consumers together, creating a large market with greater accessibility. The goal of this non-profit organization is to provide a solution to the dietary need of people in DC. They do this by combining an education program, with a platform for farmers to sell fresh foods and innovate available opportunities.

You can get healthy meals for your dietary needs, find fresh markets around you, and access a weekly subscription for healthy fruits and vegetables delivered to your home. You can look up healthy food recipes, and participate in the Food Prints program that educates people about food in line with scientific standards.

Bunch of fresh veggies

Fresh farm market Delivery coverage: The delivery coverage spans across different low-income communities across Washington DC, all packaged and delivered on the specified market delivery days. Everything sold in Fresh Farm’s market is from farmers within 200 miles radius of the DC area.

Fresh farm Type of products: As far as meals that require fresh foods are concerned, the limit is endless.

Fresh farm market Specific plans: Foods sold in the farmers market are usually seasonal foods delivered by farmers. Therefore, they can fit into several meal plans.

Fresh farm market Pricing: Prices depend on items being sold and payments using SNAP/EBT, WIC, and Senior FMNP checks are accepted. 

Walmart grocery delivery

If you haven’t been doing so, you should consider shopping for groceries at Walmart. The benefits are extensive. You can be sure that you can find all your items in one place, from seafood to drinks, vegetables, baked goods, household supplies, and you get to choose from a large number of pre-made meals

There are often discount sales, and even without them, they have very reasonable prices. Online grocery shopping with Walmart is a good way to save money, skip the stress of going in a shop with the current pandemic, and you can also book for a time that suits your schedule.

Bunch of fresh vegetables and bread

Walmart grocery Delivery coverage: You can choose whether to pick up your groceries or have them delivered to your doorstep in 48 states across the US. You can receive your food at home but also at another pickup location.  Click here to know if they deliver in your city. Depending on your order and location you may be eligible to receive your grocery under 24h.

Walmart grocery Specific plans: They offer a membership plan that gives extra benefits but you can simply choose to pay per order. It’s possible to use either the website or the Walmart app to order for the curbside pickup.

Walmart food and grocery delivery Pricing: Prices are on the low side, and discount sales are usually available to make it even more affordable. You need to place a minimum order of $30 and for items above $50, delivery is free. Walmart may member benefit from more advantageous prices. 

Whole Foods Market Delivery

Whole Foods Market delivery is the go-to online grocery store for people looking to buy ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle. It saves you the stress of looking through the ingredient list of everything you buy because the store-standards only allows the sale of healthy food ingredients.

All of the foods are available to be bought and delivered using Amazon’s whole foods home delivery. When you shop on the whole food market, you get different packaged ingredients, meal preparation tips, and fresh foods that have no artificial sweeteners, colors nor preservatives.

Items sold are subjected to the Whole Foods Market standards that enforce high-quality ingredients. Therefore, they are a go-to choice for anyone looking to maintain a healthy meal lifestyle with ease. Members may also enjoy benefits like free delivery, and discounts/sales when they shop online or visit any of the stores located near you.

Woman carrying a bad of Whole Food grocery

Whole Foods Market Delivery coverage: Wholefoods home delivery services are available in The UK or The US and they are free for Amazon Prime members. With AmazonFresh delivery, they are extending the number of cities where you can benefit from same-day delivery.  

Whole Foods Market Specific plans: All foods sold are certified to be organic and follow the USDA standard for GMO labels. It is perfect for people on paleo, keto, and low-sugar diets. They also offer different 7-day meal plans according to your need.

Whole Foods Market Pricing: They are not the cheapest in the market and you often need to weigh your food to know the price. This is still a great way to eat a good meal for busy people since you can choose a ready-to-eat pre-made meal or any type of groceries like meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and more.

Instacart delivery service

It is an online service for the best quality and organic farm products and seafood. When you shop from Instacart, you get the privilege to choose any of the local stores in your vicinity. You can select various stores for various products. Instacart is not a superstore, or they do not own any retail shop. They provide you products of your choice form the stores which you decide.

You open the website or install the Instacart app. After installation or opening the web page, things are pretty much the same, just the interface’s minor difference. You have to make an account on Instacart to acquire their services. Once you have finished your account, you are directed to the homepage. Here you can see the available stores around your current location who are a=connected with Instacart.

You can choose the store of your preference from which you want to buy your farm products and seafood. You can also select two different stores for each product. If your desired stores are not offering the product or are out of stock, you can search the product itself. Go on the search bar and type the product name.

You will see a list of stores that are offering the product. When you have found a store offering the product, click on the image, and there will open a popup menu for you to add the desired quantity and confirm to it to add it to your cart. When you are ready to check out, click on the cart button and decide the delivery option. You can choose instant delivery, late delivery, or pick up from the store. Every option has different pricing accordingly.

Instacart Delivery coverage: There are hundreds of different regions in the USA and Canada where you can shop your farm products and seafood through Instacart. They are continuously growing in new regions in both countries. When you are in an area where you have Instacart, you can order fresh farm products and best quality seafood form the retail store, warehouse store, or the big market.

Instacart Specific plans & products: They have numerous products such as meat & seafood, meat counter, poultry counter, seafood counter, packaged meat, packaged poultry, packaged seafood, Bacon & Sausage, and hot dogs. 

Instacart Pricing: There is a possibility that you might see some stores are offering different prices on Instacart than they provide in their stores. It is the store owner(s) whether they want to deliver the same price to their customers or a bit higher for online availability. Some store owners take wise steps and provide the same pricing on their stores and Instacart. You also get free coupons, and discount offers from some stores.

Instacart Delivery Fee: The delivery service is not free on Instacart. There is a 5% delivery fee on the products. And when you are shopping in peak hours, you have to pay a busy pricing fee, starting from $1. When you are a regular customer, the best choice is buying a membership that costs less than Amazon’s prime price. There is free delivery from a $35 bill and many other discounts and promotions, which vary from place to place for members.

FreshDirect Food delivery service

Shopping on FreshDirect is different from Instacart. Here you don’t have to pay someone to go on a shopping spree on your behalf to different stores and marts. You just chose from the list of available products online, and the employee will pick these products from the warehouse. Box the product you selected and deliver them to your address.

You have two options to start your shopping experience. If you want to do shopping on your phone, install the app. And you can go to their webpage through your computer. You can choose the product from the categories or lists. And, they also have organic and gluten-free products.

Pile of colorful vegetables and spices from farmers market

FreshDirect Delivery Coverage: In the beginning, this service was only started for New Yorkers. And since then, this service is continuously expanding for people in the USA. Especially, the Northeast has been the attention of the focus for Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and parts of Delaware, Connecticut, and New Jersey. During the summer, they also deliver products to the Jersey Shore and the Hamptons.

FreshDirect Products: They have a large choice of groceries and ingredients:

  • Seafood: Crab, Fish Fillets, Fish Steaks, Fish Whole, Lobster, Mussels & Clams, Oysters, Salmon, Scallops, Shrimp, and specialty.
  • Meat: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Veal & Specialty, Ground, Burgers & Sausage, Pre-Cut, Prepped
  • Poultry: Chicken, Duck & Specialty, Prepped, Turkey
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • Beer, cider, wine, and spirit

FreshDirect Pricing: They have their warehouse and set the prices of their products on their own. Prices are comfortable in all the regions while in some areas where there is a shortage of particular products, you find the price of these products a bit higher than usual. There are sale promotions and promo codes for the members.

FreshDirect Delivery Fee: The delivery fee for the products varies as per your location. For example, if you order to get the meat and seafood delivered in Hamptons at your summer house, you must be prepared to pay three times the rate as you pay in Philly or Manhattan.

You get the option to purchase a delivery pass or subscription of your choice from the selected options. The cost of the fee depends on the type of delivery products which you want. The subscription fee is a little higher than Amazon prime. If you choose delayed delivery, you get to save money on the delivery charges.